Pavel and Tatiana Ferkalak

: Pavel and Tatiana Ferkalak; Renat 21, Katya 20, Karina 19, Vladislav 18, Anatoly 16, Natasha 15, Andrei 15, Sergey 14, Anyuta 14, Alexander 10, Vladislav 9, Daniela 5, Victoria 4, Daniel 3.

Years in service: 20 years

Phone: +380 50 364 58 60

Location: Gradizhsk, Ukraine

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About their Missionary work: Pavel and Tatyana Ferkalyak are missionaries in the city of Grigorysk, Ukraine.  From 1997 to 2008 - they organized one of the first churches in this community, and from 2008 to the present they have been busy organizing of the second church plant, where Paul is pastor; and Tatyana is the leader of worship and responsible for the children's ministry. Now they are preparing a team of people for the organization of a new church in the village of Maksimovka. Since 2007, they have been raising orphans in their family, and have also begun to develop an orphanage in the Poltava region, where they provide various kinds of assistance, to families who also raise such children and help poor and large families.

Prayer Needs:
God's guidance and inspiration in the development and management of the churches.
Wise distribution of time, between family and ministry.
Development of a ministry among orphans within the region.

Pavel and Tatiana Ferkalak

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Send - Plant - Multiply As a multi facetted ministry, Kontaktmission believes that if we leave out any one part of this equation we are missing the big picture.  We send new missionaries, we plant new churches, and we multiply The Kingdom of God.


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35 years ago European students from 3 different European countries set out on an adventure or more accurately a mission to bring Christ to a continent that most Christian considered to be completely Christianized.  This mission so many years later has become one of the largest Multinational mission teams in the Christian world.  


Our Missionaries

Kontaktmission missionaries work in many different areas from church planters to seminary directors.  They are from many different countries and backgrounds, but we are united in our one desire to see the Ukrainian people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Take time to get to know the men and women of Kontaktmission Ukraine, and how you can join in our heart for Ukraine.


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